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    We provide technically advanced range of circular looms.

    YU JONG has more than 25years experience in the production of machine.

    In recent years, we have developed new techniqies, which make our machine more electricity saving, noises-free and stable.
    Also, the lates belt-type can operate without oil.
    All the spare partes of machine are made in Taiwan.
    As for Bearing, we adopt products from Japan's companies, making our machine more durable and soild.



    Cement belt / Feed bags / Corn bag


    Shopping Bag / Canvas / Jumbo bag


    Jumbo bag / Woven bag / Container bag

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    Weaving Circular Loom

    We provide technically advanced range of circular looms.

    Designed in accordance with international quality standards, these are widely demanded in various industrial applications.

    Our range is known for its features of toughness, durability and wear & tear resistance.
    Our machine adopts self-developed microprocessor to process all kinds of signals generating from the machine logically by using thus system.

    The machine can realize: precise weft density adjusting, electronic weft compensation, intelligent warp feeding, connecting with computer monitoring system and so on.




    Production speed of 1000 ppm*

    Efficiency above 85 %*

    Anti-wear and tear resistant

    Oil-free fabric for high coating adhesion and food-safe products*

    Weft tape width of 6 mm

    Large warp and weft tape packages

    Lowest possible energy consumption


    * depending on tape quality, fabric width and density


    Weaving Circular Loom

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      PP Woven Jumbo Bag Machine

    The structure of this big eight-shuttle circular loom is BELT-TYPE, without oil lubrication, run steady, high efficient, low noise,energy conservation.

    PLC central control and advanced LCD screen make the operation more easier.

    This machine suitable for processing of woven bags、big bags (FIBCs)、tarpaulin、geotextile and other woven cloth.




    Higher working speed

    Excellent weaving quality

    Low energy consumption

    Low maintenance costs

    Operator friendly design


    * depending on tape quality, fabric width and density

    Technical Specifications

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    Optional equipment: servo motor drive

    Electrical control system

    Precision weft density programming

    Weft inserting programming

    Optional equipment:

    Helical berel gear reducer

    *Replace the pulley

    *Free Belt replacement supplies

    *Noise reduction

    *Increase the effectiveness

    *Maintenance free

    *Energy conservation


    How matter how the weaving speed and warp tension is changing, the tension control system can keep the tension identical and in best condition for weaving. This ensures even fabric and enhances the weaving efficiency. It is especially suitable for producing lightweight fabrics.

    Weft sensor/Bobbin sensor

    Weft stop motion system reduces the take-off speed if a weft tape break is detected. It also stops the loom before the weft bobbin runs empty and thus ensures easy bobbin change with the lowest possible waste rate.

    Motion system reduces the take-up speed in case a weft tape break is detected;

    The machine stops to avoid empty weft

    Heddle wire version

    With ceramic eyelets for higher lifetime, easy servicing and low spare part costs. Suited especially for the production of heavy-duty fabric.

  • Belt heddle

    Applicable models:

    YJ-6/850ZM and YJ-6/960ZM

    Intermediate porcelain buckle, can make the yarn more smooth, higher lifetime.

    Loom new warp stopper

    It adds a ring to reduce dust, increase the service life and reduce costs.


    The opening becomes great

    Working temperature is reduced

    The sound diminishes

    Efficiency increases/stability is higher

    All use the transmission of the bearing

    Special shuttle wheel angle designed to operate not falling

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